At computer solutions we offer a variety of services to fix any problem you may have. This is a list of common problems that we encounter, if you do not see your problem on this list feel free to ask.

  • virus removal

 For virus removal we use several programs that target specific threats such as viruses, malware, spyware, ad ware, and root-kits. For severe cases we recommend a system recovery.

  • Hardware Replacement

Over time components in a computer fail such as the hard drive, CD drive, ram, ext… Some times the symptoms may include no display or not powering on, but they may be fixed by replacing hardware.

  • Data Recovery

If your hard drive fails or you accidentally format a flash drive or SD card we may be able to recover your lost data.

  • System Recovery

A system recovery is basically a factory reset. Before we preform a system recovery we back up all data and product key (if able) then reload the data after the system recovery is finished and we are sure the data is not corrupt.

  • Screen Repair

We repair a variety of screens from  laptops to mobile phones and even tablets. The prices vary based on the device, size of the screen, and how badly damaged it is.